ETH Zurich

At ETH I am involved in the Security Of Wireless Networks, Information Security Lab, and System Security courses, and in the seminar on Current Topics in Information Security. I also supervise Master Theses and Semester Projects.

VU Amsterdam

Guest lecture on Wireless Security (2020/11/25, online)

In 2020 I was invited by Marius Muench to give a guest lecture on the topic of Wireless Security at VU Amsterdam. This was my first time designing and teaching a full lecture on my own, and it was an enriching experience. I enjoyed preparing it and interacting with the students. After a short background on radio communications, the lecture covered the main challenges in Wireless Security, followed by some examples of tools and attacks. I have also introduced Emission Security and Screaming Channels. I received good feedback and I look forward to future opportunities like this one.


As a Ph.D. student, I am involved in some of the teaching activities at EURECOM.

Helping with the Wireless Security Course

During the last three years (2020-2018) my supervisor Aurélien Francillon gave me the opportunity to help with the preparation of his new Wireless Security Course. I am very happy to learn from him. My main contributions are:

  1. Labs
    I am responsible for preparing and supervising the two lab sessions, as well as helping the students that need extra advice between the sessions.

  2. Projects
    We follow around 20 student groups working on 20 different projects. I am very involved in this, from proposing project ideas to helping the students and managing hardware and instruments. Keeping track of 20 different subjects and groups and dozens of devices is a bit challenging and time consuming, but very rewarding. I have also supervised a 5-day student project.

  3. Demos
    During each class I present some demos about the topics discussed in the course. Over the last two years I have built a small collection, and started to automate some of them.

  4. Other
    In general, I help with the preparation of the course, the exam, the communication with the students, etc.

Proposing and supervising semester projects

Every semester, together with my supervisor and my colleagues, we propose several subjects that the students can choose as semester projects. When a project is selected, we supervise it along the semester, at the end of which the students have to write a report and make a presentation.

During my Ph.D. I helped proposing and supervising several projects on various topics. Often, students need to borrow some hardware or learn to use some laboratory equipment (e.g. spectrum analyzer). I usually help with this for all projects.

Exam supervision

Every semester we are asked to help with the supervision of exams. We have to ensure that exams start and end on time, and that students behave correctly.